Ready to get involved? PRRF could use your help in a variety of ways. Take a look at the options and pick one that interests you. 


Community Building


Join or lead a community of those impacted by retinal diseases.  Ready to connect with others, share wisdom, information and experiences or recommend new ways to lend support?

Event & Fundraising Support


Do you have creative ideas and the organizational skills to raise funds for PRRF research?  We are looking for volunteers to plan and assist at events.  Events are a great way to raise funds for PRRF and meet other people in our community.

Contribute Your Expertise


Are you proficient in web design? We need someone to serve as webmaster for our new Squarespace site.  


Would you be interested in writing a personal story or a blog about your experience with pediatric retinal diseases? We would be grateful for your willingness to share with others who have similar challenges.


Have you used Constant Contact to maintain a database or create and populate a newsletter template?  We are looking for one or more people to ensure the PRRF database is updated and our bi-monthly newsletter is formatted and emailed on a routine schedule.  (Content of the newsletter would be written by others.)